Free countdown software with alarm features for PCs

free countdown software
People spending hours at their computers often forget important tasks or even a break that is very much important for the overall health of the users. Also often you want to get reminded of certain events which are expected to occur few hours or minutes from now. 

A countdown timer software with alarm features from Comfort Software could be of great help in this situation. 

Features of the Countdown software:

  • The program's interface is clean and very easy to navigate. 
  • Adding an event is as simple as clicking the Add button and filling in the relevant details. 
  • Free Countdown Timer can sound an alarm after a specified amount of time has passed.
  • The program comes with a variety of alarm sounds, but you can select your own sounds or songs to use instead. 
  • It's a great choice if you're looking for a functional, attractive desktop alarm clock.

Download your free copy of the software from the following link: Free Countdown Software for Personal Computers

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