Legitimate ways and sites to make money online for free: No Scams

When it comes to making money online there are tons of websites and ways that promises easy and super fast money making opportunities. But we all know that most of them are scams and cannot be trusted to put your hard work into it. 

The easiest way to identify whether a money making scheme is a scam is to see if it promises easy fast buck and in turn asks for money in the name of processing charges or something else. Yes you can make decent amount money online but not without hard work and skill. 

If you have been looking for trusted sites and ways to make money online then following is a Squidoo lens about the proven ways to do that. It contains a very exhaustive list and elaborates various ways you can make money from sites which have been there for long. The best part of the article is the list of scams and sites to avoid.
Some of the ways highlighted in the lens are:
  • Earning money by giving advice or answering questions.
  • Getting paid to write articles and reviews.
  • Paid forum posting as a way of making money online.
  • Get paid to upload files, images, documents and photos.
  • Free paid surveys and completing offers for money.
  • Upload videos and earn money online.
  • Make money online with digital photography.
  • Freebies, contests and giveaways.
  • Earn money by playing trivia games.
  • Get paid to listen to the music and rate music tracks.
  • Make money with micro freelance jobs.
  • Earn money over the Internet with Twitter.
  • Get paid to sell backlinks and sponsored posts.
  • Make money for free by using search engines.
  • Get paid to share short links.
  • Earn money online with social bookmarking.

Use the following link to know the Legitimate ways and sites to make money online for free.

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  1. DO u people really provide the money or its just a saying and fake description to attract people and then rob them????

  2. Most of the schemes on net are scams but there are legitimate ones as well. You need to apply your common sense and ascertain whether what is being promised is too good to be true. Money doesen't come easy so if it sounds too good to be true avoid it...

  3. Hi Amit,

    I searching sites through which i can earn money, not in a hurry..but not yet found a genuine sites in india...all of them r sitting on a bank of sea..to fish you like a fisher do.. pls suggest any site if u know, through which vth little workhard..we can earn.

    vivek, baroda

  4. For past 2 months im searching for a genuine sites to work from home ....
    most of the sites are asked us to spent some money to open an account...so pls refer me some true websites to make money...

  5. I am still in dilemma whether this sites are Fake or not. Attracted , motivated and then it just gone. Guys, aid me out if any one can suggest me some genuine site. So, that I too make my piggy stomach full..

    - Madi

  6. Informative and easy to understand...kindly share similar types of articles more...it will help us...It's very difficult for a person to differentiate scam website with real one....

  7. EVerything is just FAKE..

  8. Not everything but most of the schemes are fake... As I have explained above, if any scheme asks for an upfront payment for any job it's not worth and it might be fake as eligible employees don't pay to company for work, they are recruited for executing a role based on their skill.

    A very nominal amount of say a dollar or two and that two not recurring and absolutely logical is ok.

    1. Yes,indeed. Most of these schemes are basically little more than pyramid schemes.

  9. Try this site if u really want to work
    and enter the code : 509Q

    1. How about the sites that offer a 60 day money back guaretee?

  10. the lens was quite extensive, thnx 4 sharing

  11. Many Thanks Amit for your efforts on building up this site - very useful..