Free Tourist Attractions in Norway

Beautiful NorwayNo matter when you visit this Scandinavian country, it will amaze you for sure, but the best time to visit Norway is June/July as the weather during those months are very good. To enjoy lower rates, May and September are better months as the crowd is lesser during those months. Given the sheer size of this country, there is no way you can see the best of the country even in a week.

In general Norway is an expensive country, however there is no dearth of free tourist attractions in that country. Following are listed some key free and paid tourist spots you must visit while in Norway.

Free Tourist spots you must visit in Norway

  • Vigelandsparken Sculpture Park, Oslo
  • Palace Park, Oslo
  • Botanical Garden, Oslo
  • Historical Museum, Oslo (Free only on Sunday)
  • Hanseatic Wharf of Bryggen, Bergen
  • Fjellstoua Church, Alesund
  • Alesund Church, Alesund
  • Alnes Lighthouse, Alesund

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Paid Tourist spots you must visit in Norway

  • The Viking Ship Museum: NOK 60 (USD 10)
  • Norwegian Folk Museum: NOK110 (USD 18)
  • Munch Art Museum: NOK 95 (USD 15)
  • Bryggens Museum, Bergen: NOK 70 (USD 12)
  • Bergen Aquarium: NOK 200 (USD 33)
  • Fjell fortress, Bergen: NOK 60 (USD 10)

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