Make personalized videos from photos online for free

Watching the video of a photo album with good background music is far better experience than viewing it one by one. One can convert a photo album into video using video editing software but that is time consuming and requires knowledge of video editing and software download.

There is a better option to do this conversion online and doesn't require any knowledge of video editing. Above all it is free to use. PicoVico converts your photos into personalized video in three easy steps. Below are the key features of this free online photos to video creator site:

  • No software download required. Make videos from photos online, using your web browser only.
  • Multiple video style options such as vintage, scrapbook, and teen to match your occasion.
  • Allows you to import images from Facebook, Flickr, or upload from PC.
  • Image library: keep and manage images that you upload in a library.
  • Allows you to add text in-between the image slide changes.
  • Audio background: add audio from PicoVico library or upload you own.
  • Allows you to export videos directly to YouTube or Facebook.
  • Offers its own hosting for created video clips.
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