Free online file sharing sites for large files without sign up

Free file sharing websites are very useful if you have pretty large files to share that exceeds 20 MB in size and thus cannot be sent over emails. With Gmail, you can send and receive messages up to 25 megabytes (MB) in size but you may not be able to send larger attachments to contacts who use other email services with smaller attachment limits.

Google Drive from Google and Skydrive from Microsoft can also be used for file sharing but you need to have an account and there is limit to the size of the file that your account can keep. Moreover it can be easily accessed by anyone who knows the direct path of the file.

However followoing are some websites that offers free online file sharing for large files without sign up. They allow to you share files with your friends or colleagues, without having to worry about the file size or security issues.

Wikisend: One of the best free file sharing site that offers password protection facility and a maximum file size limit of 100 MB. Above that no prior registration is required and the file remains available on the website for 7 days. You need to signup if you want you files to stay permanent. Also there are many additional benefits of signup. wikisend allows you to share any kind of file including large files, small files, data files, documents, media files, backups, or archives.

Files2U: Another excellent free file sharing site where the maximum allowed file size is 3 GB and up to 25 files can be sent together using the service.The files are send using secure file encryption methods and remain available for a period of 2 days on the website. After that period, the files are automatically deleted and can’t be downloaded.

StreamFile: Sharing files with StreamFile is very easy and quick. You just need to enter the recipient’s email address, choose the file, and click STREAM NOW to make it ready to share. Once the file is streamed, a download link will be sent to the recipient, which can be used to get a secure download of the file. The maximum allowed file size is 150 MB, and the file remains available on the website for 1 day only if you choose to share files without signup.

LargeFilesASAP: One of the best service if your file size is really large and you need to share it with only one person. This site offers the max file size of 2GB and file remains on the server for 3 days. Sharing files through LargeFilesASAP is a three step process: First step requires you to enter sender’s and recipients’s email address, subject, and message. In second step you upload the file to be shared and finally in third step you click send. After the file is successfully send, you will receive a confirmation message. The receiver will get a download link for the file using which he or she can download the file easily. As mentioned earlier without signup the file remains on the server for 3 days after which the download link expires.

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