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Desktop Reminder
Reminder Software are very handy specially if you have lot of tasks to do at different time frames or you have things to do which you can't miss at any cost. There are many free reminder software available online for download but most of them are either not free for lifetime or are having bad interfaces and complex installation process, or are too heavy for your computer memory. 

After reviewing many options in the free reminder software  category we at CostlyHeaven believes that Desktop Reminder developed by Polenter-Software Solutions is one of the best option for all your reminder needs.  It is an easy to use reminder program for Windows based PC that allows you to keep track of your upcoming appointments, birthdays, anniversaries and other events. When minimized it sits on your system tray and each time you start your computer the program will show a list of all task which are urgent for the current day, and it can also pop up an additional reminder window for any time sensitive tasks.

Desktop reminder can repeat a task daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. You can organize all your tasks into different categories like Anniversary, Birthday, Business, etc. You can also set alarm sound with each task.

The software is compatible with all the latest Windows versions such as Windows XP / 7 / Vista and requires .NET Framework 2.0. The installer will ask you to download .NET Framework 2.0 if it’s not already installed on your PC. The software is about 1o MB in size and consumes around 15 MB of your RAM while running. 

You can use the following link to download a copy of your desktop reminder software: Free Reminder Software Download

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