Send Free Fax Online: No Credit Card Required

Now sending a local / international fax is lot more easy and free specially if you don't have a fax machine. Yes, with HelloFax now you can send upto 50 pages per month to any fax machine in the world for free and you don't even require a credit card to register. 

Sometimes sending an international fax becomes very urgent and if the number of pages are more it can cost you tens of $$$, but now with HelloFax you can send upto fifty pages to local or international fax machines without spending even a cent.  

This facility is exclusively for skydrive and google drive users due to the collaboration of HelloFax with Microsoft & Google. So all you need is a hotmail / Windows Live ID or a Google account and sign-up here: or

Setup your account and you are ready to send your first online fax. Just upload any document and put in a fax number (with country code). Once your fax has been successfully delivered, a copy of the outbound fax document will be automatically saved in your SkyDrive or GoogleDrive.

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