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Road Fighter was the first car game developed by Konami and it was one of it's kind when it first came into being. Desktop computers era was beginning when this game was first developed in 1985 and all of those who used a computer or played video games during nineties, they must have played this game many times. The game was included in most of the video game cassettes. 

The game is still engaging and even in this world of high end graphics with lots and lots of advanced computer games you would love to play it.

About the Game:

Road Fighter Game for PC by Konami

Road Fighter game has a simple goal, that is to reach the end point. You have limited fuel and the other riders will always try to crash you. There are even pits in middle of the road that make you crash. So, play hard and stay on the track, grab those fuel cars and reach the end. There are four different tracks and two levels. The tracks are: plain road, over water bridge way, seashore, and a forest way. 
On the left side of the screen you will see the progress on the track. On the right side you can see fuel, speed, and points gained. You can use left and right arrow keys to move left and right obviously. You can also use Ctrl key to accelerate while Shift key to slow down.

That's it! download your copy and enjoy the game now. Use the following link for download: Road Fighter Game Free Download

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