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Buying a website from market places such a flippa, ebay or digital point is both easy and rewarding provided you just don't jump and buy any website that fits your budget and instead do your homework and due diligence properly. 

Before buying a website it is important to understand your niche, technical skills, interests and the time you can devote in running the website. Since websites are intangible assets it can sometimes be very risky and can make your entire investment zero if proper due diligence is not done.

For example the bare minimum due diligence and homework for me before buying a website is:

1. To check if it is implemented in Wordpress, Blogger or PHP/MYSQL platform as anything beyond this is not my competency.

2. To check if the topic of the website/blog is finance or technology as again anything other than tech or finance is beyond my scope.

3. To verify the site statistics such as traffic, income, page rank etc against the stats mentioned by the seller.

4. To check if the site's potential payback period is less than equal to 3 years. For me if a site cannot payback my invested amount in three years it's not worthy for investment.

There could be more filters depending upon the amount to be invested. So if you are a beginner or an experienced webmaster and thinking of buying a website then the following guide will certainly help you in taking better decision: Website Buying Guide PDF

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