How to sell blogger blogspot blogs

Blogger blogs are hosted on google's blogger platform, and one is not paying for hosting even if he/she has bought a custom domain ( So if you have published your blog on blogger with a custom domain you own the domain name but legally you do not own the blog, so as per google you cannot sell your blog to anybody for money. 

On the other hand the wordpress blog publishers can freely sell their blog as they usually host their blog themselves and in case they sell, they can transfer all the associated files to the buyer's hosting platform just like any other website. 

However there is a tricky way to sell your blogger blog without letting google know that you have sold your blog. The best part of this trick is that you can sell a blog published even on a subdomain ( Here is how:

Say Harry wants to sell his blogger blog to Smith. The steps will be as follows:

1. Harry signs in to Blogger with his account (ex:

2. Go to the "Permissions" section under Settings | Basic tab. 

3. Click the Add Authors button and send an invitation to Smith (ex:, the account to which harry would like to move the blog. 

4. Smith accepts the invitation by logging into his email account and clicking the invitation link sent by Harry. 

5. Once Smith has joined the blog, Harry needs to sign in again and go back to the Settings | Basic tab.

6. Click the drop-down menu next to Smith's account and choose "Admin", thereby providing admin rights to the Smith.

7. Smith can then sign into blogger again and go back to the Settings | Basic tab.

8. Click the X next to Harry to remove Harry's Account therby completing the process of change of ownership. 

After Step 8 Harry will not have any right over the blog. Smith can then replace the Harry's adsense code with his own adsense code so that the revenue start flowing into the Smith's account.

Checkout the following link to see what google says about moving your blog from one email account to other: How to sell blogger blogs

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