Free Blogging Platforms: Blogger vs. Wordpress

Wanted to start you blog and searching for free blogging platforms. Well the two most popular and widely used blogging platforms are blogger and wordpress.

If you are not in a mood to spend even a cent on your new blog then you can take a subdomain for your blog on any of the above platforms. Your blog's url will look something like this: or

Now since we have figured out how to start a blog for free, the hard decision is to select the platform. Both Blogger and Wordpress has wonderful features beside lot of limitations. Following is a comparison of both the platforms when you choose to start our blog on a subdomain.

Limitations in Blogger:

Limited Templates. 
Lack of customization options. 
Permalink Re-Structure not allowed. 
Not Great for SEO. 
Labels do not get Search Indexed

Limitations in WordPress: 

Cannot Place Google Adsense Ads. 
Limited Plug-Ins. 
Not Great For SEO. 
No Great Improvements in the Free WordPress Blogging Platform over the years.

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